Top 5 Farm Bikes

5. Suzuki Trojan: 

Very unlucky to be 5th. Victim of circumstance. At the time we owned a Trojan it had to be ridden between farms a reasonable distance apart. Low gearing made it slow on the road. Plus it didn’t last, maybe because i was in my early teens and gave it a flogging after school most nights. 

4. Honda Ct110:

Old Faithful. Had one for 20+ years, sits in shed for 6 months then starts first kick over every time. Not sure it’s ever had an oil change. Great to learn on, although i had my first crash on a postie when 6 years old and a bit overconfident. Quietness made it good for going around lambing ewes. 

3. Honda CT200

Very good all rounder, low geared for stock work. Surprisingly not the most reliable bike we’ve had, which isn’t something you’d expect with a Honda product. Slow on longer trips, not the greatest suspension in rugged terrain. 


Yamaha AG200

Great bike. In his late 60s the old man loves the comfy seat and low height. Terrific reliability, good for stock work. Very similar to the Honda 200 but we hade a lot less mechanical problems. Its downfall is a lack of speed and not great suspension. Our neighbour seems to crash his weekly and it just keeps going.


Kawasaki Stockman

Seems a slightly controversial pick, but hear me out. Best on the road between farms, cruises on 95kph. Fastest and most nimble when chasing sheep and cattle. Front and rear disc brakes. Handles rough terrain the best. Ive seen reliability raised as a concern, but our Stockman never missed a beat, and it got hammered. Particularly impressive was the time dad  dropped it while trying to cross part of the local creek that was much deeper than expected. Sat under water for 24 hours.  Got it going the next day and it lasted another 2 years for 8 in total.



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